VE-Approval and Electrical Authorization

When choosing a solar contractor, it is important you can rely on the quality of the craftsmanship and the performance of the work. One way to ensure this is to choose a contractor with the necessary approvals. Solar Polaris is a licensed electrician and approved as a VE installer. The VE approval scheme means, among other things, that the company has a specially trained employee who is dedicated to ensuring high quality in the company's work in the field, and that the company has a monitored quality management system, which minimizes the risk of errors.

The VE approval scheme is the official Danish scheme for installers and fitters of small renewable energy installations. The scheme includes heat pumps, solar cells, solar heating and biomass boilers and is administered by the Danish Energy Agency.

Electricity approval is required if you are going to perform electrical installations in Denmark. This helps to ensure that electrical installations are carried out and serviced correctly.

Below you can read more about electricity authorization for electrical installers and the VE approval system.

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VE approval and Electrical Approval - Solar Polaris
VE approval and Electrical Approval - Solar Polaris