Nordea Ejendomme's office property Lyngby Port has recently installed a PV plant to take advantage of the business opportunities in energy optimization of business premises. The new photovoltaic system covers a roof area of 310 m2 and produces 50 kWp, which is roughly the equivalent of the annual consumption of 10 detached houses (5,000 kWh/year/detached house). The investment provides an annual CO2 saving of 16 tonnes, which benefits the environment.

"Our customers and tenants are increasingly looking for CO2-neutral solutions, which is why we are continuously working to make the operation of our property portfolio more sustainable. The new photovoltaic system at Lyngby Port is a good example of this, and in the future we will look at the possibility of using the roof surfaces of our other properties to also provide green power to our tenants," says CEO Henrik Steenstrup from Nordea Ejendomme.

Lyngby Port is a seven story multi-user house built in 1992. It is divided into three sections of buildings with a total of 20,630 m2. When the property was to be leased again in 2016, the building was energy-optimised using the Total Concept method, resulting in an overall reduction in energy consumption of about 20%. And now, Nordea Ejendomme is going even further by establishing a photovoltaic plant on the roof consisting of 189 panels.

Total Concept is a way to improve the profitability of the energy performance of existing commercial buildings. A well thought-out approach with careful investment and profitability assessment combined with a monitoring solution achieves reliable results. The total concept shows the economic potential for energy efficiency.

CEO of Solar Polaris, Karsten Hillmann, welcomes the cooperation and the fact that the business community is realy discovering renewable energy: "There is great potential in reducing energy consumption in existing buildings. An optimal energy renovation is achieved by combining this with the installation of energy-producing renewable energy systems with solar panels. It is not only positive in terms of the implementation of the green conversion, it is very much profitable in terms of the operation of the property."

The new photovoltaic system has just been commisioned.


Vice President of Nordea Ejendomme, Henrik Steenstrup, telephone: +45 43 33 80 82

CEO of Solar Polaris Karsten Hillmann,, Mobile: +45 40 51 25 98

Communications Consultant, Dorthe Absalon,, Mobile: +45 41 78 41 4


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