A few months ago, Solar Polaris' PV parking plant at Solar's headquarters in Vejen, Denmark celebrated its 1st birthday and on May 14, the plant reached another milestone. This year's preliminary production accounted for a third of the estimated annual production and as a result is well on track to meet expectations for 2020.

One of the reasons why the production has reached this milestone so early is because of April, which is one of the best months of the year from productionwise. When we think of production from PV plants in Denmark, summer is typically highlighted, but in fact April 2019 was the second best month of the year for Solar's plant and for other plants it was even the very best month of the year. In April, the days are long, the sun sits high in the sky and the temperature has not yet reached a level that damages the performance of the plant. That is why production is high.

To date, the PV parking plant at Solar has produced 58,000 kWh in 2020, 39% of the expected production for the year. The plant consists of 510 panels from REC and, in addition to providing energy to Solar's data center, also provides employees' cars with shelter from the volatile Danish weather.

You can follow the plant's production here: https://spcc.cloudindustries.eu/dashboard/318110014