The worldwide engineering, design and consultancy company Ramboll has long had a special focus on sustainability and green conversion. Now they are taking their own medicine by building a 267 kWp large photovoltaic plant at their headquarters in Copenhagen.

Solar Polaris has just started work on the somewhat unconventional plant, which, due to the building's diverse roof surfaces, contains different assembly systems and angling of the panels. About a third of the 724 panels are mounted on a flat roof with an east/west-oriented ballast system from Ernst Schweizer AG. Special solutions are used for the other panels. One roof surface is an east-facing slope roof with bitumen, on another the panels are mounted east-facing on sloped frames and finally panels are also mounted east/west on horizontal frames. The special solutions are designed in cooperation with Danish Fix Nordic (previously: Jual Solar).

The vast majority of the panels are monocrystalline 375 Wp panels from Longi, but because Ramboll also wants experience with a different type of panel, special bi-facial panels from LG are also a part of the installation. This type of technology can produce power from light on both sides thereby improving performance per unit of area. The bi-facial panels at Ramboll are mounted on existing frames more than two metres above the roof, allowing for the use of the extra light on the back.

The new plant is the result of years of cooperation between Solar Polaris and Ramboll, where the exercise has been to come up with a solution that is both aesthetically pleasing and economically viable while taking into account the unconventional roof construction.

The photovoltaic plant will produce approximately 250,000 kWh annually and is expected to be operational by the end of 2020.