Solar Polaris has just launched version 1.0 of our Cloud Control Monitoring Platform (SPCC). Thus, the digital monitoring platform is out of beta and has added a number of new and useful features that make monitoring of one's photovoltaic systems even easier.


First of all, it is now possible to control at a glance the production of all inverters in one's plant. This is done on the brand new inverter page, where the individual inverts day production and current production are displayed side by side. Up to 30 inverters can be displayed simultaneously on the invert page. This feature makes it easy to detect if an inverter is out of service. In addition, the inverters' production is displayed side by side, so that one can easily monitor whether an inverter underproduces and certain parts of the plant should therefore be checked.


It is also possible to receive daily reports in PDF format that show any alarms and warnings from the inverters in the middle of the day – anywhere you want to run optimally.


Another innovative new feature is that the indication of how much of the expected annual production the plant has delivered at a given time is now comparable to how much of the expected annual solar irradiation has been achieved. This makes it easy to take into account solar radiation when assessing whether the plant produces as expected.


Together, the new features make it easy and straightforward for anyone to monitor the main functions of the photovoltaic system. Therefore, we now offer the opportunity to purchase a license for solar polaris cloud control monitoring platform. A good choice for those customers who want to monitor and service their facilities themselves. If, on the other hand, you want Solar Polaris to keep an eye on everything, it is still Monitoring Service or Extended Service, which also contains annual operational inspections, that should be chosen.


About SPCC


SPCC allows you to monitor the operation of the plant yourself or through a third party and evaluate the historical production. SPCC is independent of the inverter manufacturer and works with most common inverter manufacturers.


You can read more about SPCC and our monitoring and services below:

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