On February 1, 2017, Solar Polaris saw the light of day when Solar A/S acquired a photovoltaic company thereby entering the contract market for PV plants.


At the time, Jens Andersen, who is now CEO of Solar, said: "Solar sees a clear potential in renewable energy, which is why we look forward to taking this company forward and work on PV projects with our installer clients. In these years, there is an increased focus on climate and energy, and Solar already offers energy efficient solutions within photovoltaic – in addition to heat pumps, heating technology and ventilation."


Since February 2017, Solar Polaris has been busy providing professional PV solutions to businesses, municipalities and governmental institutions. In total, Solar Polaris has contributed 3.8 million kWh to the green conversion, helping Denmark achieve the goal of becoming independent of fossil fuels. This is equivalent to:


  • A saving of 2700 tonnes of CO2 emissions
  • 850 family homes' annual energy consumption
  • More than 23,500 m2 solar panels


"With the recent price drop of solar panels, we see that production companies and data centres that are exempt from electricity taxes and therefore has a lower value of own electricity generation, can now also achieve a reasonable business case on an investment in solar energy. At the same time, they are doing something active for the climate and the Danish state isn't missing out on taxes. This is the cheapest green conversion that Denmark can get", says Karsten Hillmann, CEO of Solar Polaris.


Solar Polaris' projects range widely, and since 2017, professional photovoltaic systems have been established for, among others, Rigshospitalet, Hørsholm Municipality, Nordea Ejendomme, PFA, Stockholm Slott, Skejby Hospital, Solar A/S, Bispebjerg Hospital and Panum Institute.


Solar panels on the roof above the parking facility at Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen