In recent years, the Danish hospitals have had an increased focus on the green conversion, and now both Psychiatric Center Skejby and Nykøbing Falster Hospital are investing in photovoltaic facilities to reduce electricity consumption and contribute to a greener society.

Solar Polaris has secured the contracts to construct the PV plants, which will together produce approximately 400,000 kWh annually – equivalent to more than 60 detached houses. The production at Psychiatric Center Skejby, Denmark's largest PPP project to date, is calculated at 285,000 kWh/year, while Nykøbing Falster Hospital can can expect a production of 110,000 kWh/year.

"It is encouraging to see more actors in the health service trying to incorporate a green mindset into the projects they are doing. This way, hospitals do something good for the environment and also save money that they can invest for the benefit of patients and staff in the hospital. It's a pure win-win for our welfare society," says Karsten Hillmann, CEO of Solar Polaris.

Work on both plants is underway and is expected to be commissioned in the spring just in time for the summer's high production.