Solar Polaris expands with the hiring of a new project manager.

The experienced Michael Parbo Falk will take over as new project manager June 1 2018. Michael comes from a position as head of department at Gaiasol and has previously been project manager at Gaia Solar. He became an electrician in 2007 and in 2013 he became an electrical installer.

Michael has several years of experience in managing large and small projects. Among other things, large ESCO projects at Hvidovre Hospital and Roskilde University that have made him a renowned project manager within the solar industry.

"I am extremely pleased to join the team at Solar Polaris and I look forward to getting started on new exciting PV projects to the benefit of our customers and the environment," says the new project manager, Michael Parbo Falk.

Solar Polaris is known for solar solutions in the Nordic region and now the company is facing a development phase with an increased focus on service & maintenance and general growth. Further competences are needed for this phase.

"Michael has extensive experience the service & monitoring of photovoltaic systems, a great technical insight and a good network that he can bring into play at Solar Polaris. We are pleased to welcome Michael and look forward to the cooperation. We have been able to attract other of his former colleagues in Gaia Solar, and are proud to be able to gather strong skills and knowledge in the industry with us, says Karsten Hillmann, CEO and continues:

-It is no secret that the solar industry has gone through some turbulent years and the uncertainty surrounding the legislation and the framework conditions has been challenging. But Solar Polaris is a strong company and has a strong brand that stands for trust, openness, quality and competitive power due to our highly competent and committed staff. Solar Polaris works hard to make it easy and safe for our customers to invest in solar energy – and with the support of the Solar Group, Solar Polaris has extremely robust growth conditions in regards to push solar energy throughout the Nordic region.