Ground and roof based PV plants

Solar Polaris focuses on the construction of photovoltaic systems, where production can primarily be self-consumed at the installation site.  This reduces both the local carbon footprint and the operating costs while increasing the share of green energy in Denmark – without the country's electricity grid having to be expanded.

When you enter into dialogue with Solar Polaris, the first step is always to match the PV system's size to your building's electricity consumption. The building should be able to self-consume at least 90% of the electricity generation. As a rule of thumb, 20-25% of your annual consumption can be provided by the PV plant's production and only an analysis of consumption and production on an hourly basis can show if more is possible.

Once the plant size is in place, we prepare a proposal for panels, inverters, assembly system, connection to existing installation and a monitoring solution. Here, we as a company attach great importance to always being up to date on both the technical possibilities and the administrative requirements for connection.

Roof based PV plants - Solar Polaris

Cover with solar panels

Even with an increased focus on green conversion, climate change is a real risk. By covering parking spaces and access paths with solar panels, you are addressing the problem by reducing CO2 emissions, you protect yourself from, for instance, cloud bursts and can, at the same time, set up charging points providing electric cars with solar power.

Solar Polaris has a special focus on designing and installing complete systems for parking spaces and paths, which include custom designed, load-bearing steel structures. We work closely with both Danish and foreign partners on the design and production of the supporting structures and we take care of the overall project.

Our experience and the skills we have on load-bearing steel structures benefit us on projects where there is a need to cover technical installations on buildings.

Below you can see our references for covers with solar panels.

Complex constructions - Solar Polaris

Service & Support

Solar Polaris' service and monitoring solutions for photovoltaic systems aim to optimize production from your PV system while minimizing the risk of the installation causing damage to buildings, equipment and/or people.

Based on this, Solar Polaris offers two standardized levels of service:

  • Monitoring Service
  • Extended Service (includes Audit Service)

Monitoring Service aims to identify defects in the facility, diagnose them and define measures for repairing and achieving the highest possible annual production.

Extended Service includes all the services under Solar Polaris' Monitoring Service and also analyzes the production at a more detailed level, among other things by comparing the plant's production to the production of similar installations. In addition to this, the extended service includes pro-active operations where the condition and safety of the installation are inspected.

Solar Polaris aims to continuously strengthen the service area to make the maintenance and operation of photovoltaic systems easier and more efficient for our customers. Service cases are created by sending an e-mail to

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