At a conference on 26 September 2017 organized by Gate 21, Solar Polaris held a presentation entitled "For a brighter tomorrow".

Here, CEO Karsten Hillmann spoke about our vision of solar panels and the green conversion involving turnkey design, implementation and servicing of professional photovoltaic systems with a primary focus on roof and building integrated installations.

With your own photovoltaic system, you will always have an incentive to adapt your electricity consumption to your own electricity generation and to invest in a battery for the photovoltaic system.

Both factors match the efforts for a green conversion and are fully in line with the Energy Commission's report, which recommends producing cheap electricity in small units close to the electricity consumption and using digitisation to support the transition to a flexible energy system.

Again, we would like to quote the Energy Commission on the importance of energy optimisation, and stress the importance of electrification of both transport and heat in homes, businesses and industry, which Minister of Energy Lars Chr. Lilleholt has previously welcomed with his statement: 'If I had to choose a tax I would like to eliminate and I had complete freedom of choice, I would eliminate the electricity tax'.

As the conference's last speech, Professor Brian Vad Mathiesen (BVM) presented a new analysis that highlights the role of solar power in the future Danish energy system with 100 percent renewable energy. The analysis calls for new legislation to end years of stop-and-go policy in the field of solar energy.

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